The LyonsCare Award for Combating Loneliness

The promotion of better social integration of older persons

The LyonsCare Award for the promotion of better social integration of older persons recognises individuals, groups and organisations who have demonstrated excellence in the following areas:

Personal & collective conscience in addressing loneliness and social isolation
Promotion of broader social integration amongst older persons
Engagement in concrete action to address loneliness amongst older persons in Maltese society
Two awards shall be awarded for individual and collective initiatives.


Eligible nominees

The awards shall be given to the individual and group/organisation who distinguish themselves in the preceding six months through initiatives which yield tangible results in combating loneliness in older persons. New projects which are in early stages of implementation and established/ongoing initiatives are eligible. The award is open to all age groups and is limited to voluntary/not for profit initiatives.
Schemes, projects performed on a commercial/business basis will not be considered.
Nominations are only valid for the year in which they are submitted and must be based on achievements within the preceding six months.
Group/Organisation nominations should be submitted under the team lead’s name. If there is no team lead, one team member’s name is to be selected.
Self-nominations will not be accepted.

Disclaimer: Personal data collected through the application forms is to be used only for the purpose of research, and for assessing the suitability of the applicant for the award.

Awards Contact Form

Nominee Information

Individual Information

Group / Organisation / Team Nomination


Nominator information


Supporting Statements*

Attach two (2) supporting statements which describe the nominee’s extraordinary initiative in relation to the aims of the award/award criteria to:

- Identify the roots and causes of loneliness at various social levels

- Engage and create sustainable remedies and adequate environment to combat loneliness

Statements should be signed and dated and can be submitted by:

- Independent persons

- Individuals who benefit from the initiative

- Persons who form part of the initiative

Letters of reference strengthen nominations. You are encouraged to provide additional supporting documents or information, including testimonial letters, publications, articles and any relevant information to support your nomination.

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